Release #191: Drug-On Chapter 15


to edit our huge backlog of updates lol




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Release #190: Drug-On Chapter 14

Hello, hello! We’re back from the… wherever. We weren’t really dead. Not yet. In any case, here’s Drug-On Chapter 14! booyah!

Drug-On v3 Chapter 14:

Release #189: Some reverse harem + important announcements


First off, we apologize if we have been absent for many months now. That will be changed, once we get the hang of things here. For the meantime, I’d like to announce that in a few weeks, we will be closing off our reader except for the last ten releases. Our site got lots of problems due to the number of people downloading and reading online when we released the previous Lucky Dog, and to lessen that strain we will only make the last ten releases available for reading online. The downloads on the reader will be closed as well, and you can only download now from Dropbox. We’re still in the process of transferring though, so please be patient…



* We’re back
* No you’ll never get rid of us
* Reader will be limited to last 10 releases soon
* No more downloads from the reader
* Downloads only possible through DropBox now

And oh, here’s chapter 3 of Sangoku Rensenki. Lucky Dog and Katana on the way.

Sangoku Rensenki Chapter 3:

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Release #188: Merry Xmas!!!

Here’s one volume of Kamata Kimiko for you precious people! One whole volume of AYAKASHI KOI KITAN!  :) This is a joint project with the awesome folks of AERANDRIA!

BTW, we’re still looking for staff! We need a REALLY GOOD proofreader, EXPERIENCED editors and translators. Thank ye, thank ye! Email address:

Here you go my lovelies!

BTW: We are stopping the online reader in the near future. It’s giving too much stress to our server haha. Unless there’s someone out there willing to sponsor our releases, that would be awesome. For now though, we will be using mediafire.

Release #187: LD16


Hey, look, it’s Lucky Dog 16!!!

*fangirls arrive*


P.S. We are looking for translators and editors. PLZ.

LD 16
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Release #186: LD15

Yay! Here’s LD15! Sorry about the absence. But hey, at least we have it now. This is such a crazy chapter. Please thank Terra for bugging me about this chapter every day. HAHAHAHA. Love you, Terra!

Chapter 15 of Lucky Dog: Waver Moon
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Please comment your compliments, gnashing of teeth, fangirling, thoughts! Haha. We all welcome them!

Release #185: Aidoneus

Yaaay! Antimagia Chapter 9! One more chapter to go and this chapter will be finished! FINISHED, I TELLS YOU!

Antimagia chapter 9: Aidoneus
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Release #184: The Demon Sword

Man, here I thought Sangoku Rensenki had the most annoying redraws and cloning — Katana actually takes the freaking icing on the cake! >_< I’m just so glad I have a tablet to help me with all of it, or else I’d go mad!

So, here you go, a Katana chapter! FINALLY! :D I’m so happy to release this as we all love Katana, right? RIGHT? Who’s your favorite, Akira or Giancarlo? :P

More help would be appreciated, and donations as well!

Katana Chapter 14: The Demon Sword
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Future Projects page UPDATED

So here’s our brand new future projects page. Please keep in mind that these are all tentative. We’re not sure we’re going to do them, BUT… if there’s someone interested to translate any of them, we’ll buy them and release them. These are all stuff we’re just interested in. Hand-picked by our staff, so we all know deep inside they’re awesome.

Check it out here!

Release #183: Lucky Dog 14

Aaaand here’s another chapter of Lucky Dog to all of you special folks! Wheee! Today’s update is pretty long and interesting, with a rather melancholic ending. You’ll see what I mean when you read and get there. We only have one chapter left in the 3rd volume and that’s coming soon!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to buy any new volumes right now. As y’all know, I just graduated from uni and am looking for a job, but it has been fruitless at the moment. If any of you could donate a buck or two, that would be greatly appreciated. Then we’ll get the rest of Volume 4 faster! If none donate, that’s fine, too. That’s not a requirement at all. It will take some time for me to buy it, though.

As usual, we’re looking for help. is the email address for all of you interested people!

Lucky Dog Chapter 14: Fragileness
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