Release #202-204 – Lucky Dog, Wakusei Drops, Uwasaya’s Return

YAAAY! Three releases today!

And we are in need of staff. 


Regarding 7th Dragon: we don’t have an interested translator for this. Unless somebody comes knocking, the rest of the chapters won’t see the light of day, I’m afraid.

Lucky Dog 19:

Uwasaya 8:

Wakusei Drops 1

Release #201: Katana again

Aaaand here’s Katana chapter 17! Sorry for the delay.

Donations welcome! Translators even welcome-er! For more Kamata Kimiko stuff wooot! Errr… yeah.

[email protected] <- for interested applicants

Katana Chapter 17: Seven Branched Sword
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Yup. Next would either be Lucky Dog, Baku, Chunchu, Shiawase Restaurant, Wakusei Drops, or Uwasaya… maybe. <3

Release #200: Baku Makes a Comeback!

Yay, here’s Baku chapter 9 for y’all. Sorry it took me some time! But hey, it should be consistent from here on out.

Katana Ch17 / Baku c10 next.

We’d love translators and french raw scanners pl0x! Donations would be awesome, too.

Baku 9: Kisenos (Part 2)

Release #199: Lucky Dog c18

The page says it’s “Prince of Betrayal” but our fellow translator TerraCannon believe it’s actually Price of Betrayal. I mean, whenever do you hear “Prince of Betrayal” unless there really is a douchecanoe who keeps breaking his promises? What, they’re actually pretty common? Oh, okay .-.

In any case, we’re still looking for translators. And perhaps any scanners from France? I’d love to scanlate some manga that are out in French but not in English. Please let me know here -> [email protected] <-

Also, please consider donating! We’d love the funds to buy the next books.

So, yeah, well, enjoy!

Lucky Dog c18: The Price of Betrayal

Lucky Dog #198: Lucky Dog 1 Blast YAY

Lucky Dog 1 Blast Chapter 17 is finally here! Yahoo! We’re finally back on track with this series.

If things go well, we’d finish Volume 4 early next year. Unfortunately, I don’t have funds to buy the succeeding volumes. If you’re willing to donate to us to be able to buy them that would be really great.

We need Japanese translators!! Email us [email protected]

Lucky Dog 1 Blast Ch17: Scar Tattoo

Release #197: Katana and Belated Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, guys! I was planning to release this one just in time for the holidays, but I got busy with other things, like being held up at the airport because an airline was being fucking incompetent *grumbleCEBU PACIFIC grumble*

In any case, aren’t you just glad we don’t need to wait for another year before we all got to read Chapter 16? Now we move on to chapter 17, hopefully in the next couple of weeks…

We still waiting for more translators FLUENT in JAPANESE AND ENGLISH. Thanks, [email protected] is the email address.

Katana Chapter 16

Release #196: Shiawase Restaurant Ch3

Good news!!! Chapter 16 translation of Katana just came in so you might be seeing that one just in time for Christmas. I told you we can be awesome if we wanted to. Hahaha.

In any case, here’s SR Chapter 3.

We’re still looking for translators who are fluent in Japanese and English to do some translating for us. You know you want to. [email protected]

Comments? Feedback? Thanks? Complaints? Let us know by commenting on this post. Every comment is appreciated.

SR Chapter 3:

Release #195: Shiawase Restaurant ch2 (K’s eyebrows will be the death of me)

I am absolutely loving this manga. This particular chapter made me shed a tear… family relationships are the best, seriously.

And Kousuke’s always-frowning-and-glaring face stresses me out. For heaven’s sake, dude, don’t be such a killjoy and dickwad.

In any case, we are STILL looking for help (translators, mostly). Please lend us a hand! [email protected]

Shiawase Restaurant Ch2 Toku (Part2)

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Release #194: Shiawase Restaurant

Okay,  I decided to translate a manga from French  since I don’t really have anything to do for the site right now.

Katana – Yuki is translating the next chapter so yay there is hope yet
Lucky Dog – 16 and 17 and 18 I think are already TSLed, just that my other computer is kinda dead atm and the raws are there, and I’m in another country for the next two weeks.
Uwasaya – next chapter is TLed, but the edits are in the other computer. Need translator, too.
Baku – fully translated, just need to scan the raws.

As for the rest…. uhhh, I’ve been a bad admin so I’ll get back to you on that…

But I would really, really, really, appreciate it if I had more help with regards to the translating department (Japanese to English). I even want to just focus on these few projects for now that are at least being read by the public. Interested? Email me at [email protected]

In any case, yes, Shiawase Restaurant. Translated from French. By me. If you see any errors, please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can correct them quickly.

Shiawase Restaurant Ch1:

Like it? Hate it? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! Even “thank yous” are enough to make my day.

Release #193: OMFGKATANA

Finally, a Katana chapter… trust me, guys, I’m as happy as you all are that a chapter is seeing the light of day…

In any case, as much as we would like to continue this, WE DO NEED HELP! We’re absolutely yearning for people who can translate Katana for us. Come on, dudes and dudettes. It has swords. And sexy sword spirits. AND FURIGANA! It can’t be that hard…? *ahem*

Seriously. Translators. Give us that and I promise to speed this project up. Hehehe.

EMAIL ME HERE: [email protected]

Katana v04 Ch15: