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Lucky Dog #198: Lucky Dog 1 Blast YAY

Lucky Dog 1 Blast Chapter 17 is finally here! Yahoo! We’re finally back on track with this series. If things… Continue reading »

Release #196: Shiawase Restaurant Ch3

Good news!!! Chapter 16 translation of Katana just came in so you might be seeing that one just in time… Continue reading »

Release #194: Shiawase Restaurant

Okay,  I decided to translate a manga from French  since I don’t really have anything to do for the site… Continue reading »

Release #189: Some reverse harem + important announcements

HI, GUYS! WE’RE BACK! AND IN THE FLESH! First off, we apologize if we have been absent for many months… Continue reading »

Future Projects page UPDATED

So here’s our brand new future projects page. Please keep in mind that these are all tentative. We’re not sure… Continue reading »

Release #182: Sangoku Rensenki Whoo Whee!

Holy Crap Cheeseballs. This manga’s redraws took FOREVER. While I enjoy this manga a lot, the edits can be really… Continue reading »

In need of translators

Most of my translators have gone hibernating ;A; A lot are busy with work and real life, and thus, they… Continue reading »

Reader Problem

Hey, guys! No, it’s not a release, but an announcement. There’s something wrong with our reader right now. For some… Continue reading »

Indefinite hiatus

Hey folks, Enigma here. I have some bad news. We all have a bunch of releases prepared for you but… Continue reading »


We are looking for translators for the following: – Sword Gale Real awesome manga about a bastard prince. – Kira Kira Dust… Continue reading »