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Release #193: OMFGKATANA

Finally, a Katana chapter… trust me, guys, I’m as happy as you all are that a chapter is seeing the… Continue reading »

Release #192: Drug-On Chapter 16

And here’s Chapter 16 for ye good, honest folks! After this, the rest will be done by Kalendel’s awesome team… Continue reading »

Release #191: Drug-On Chapter 15

I FINALLY HAVE TIME… to edit our huge backlog of updates lol I’M REALLY SORRY BUT HEY HERE’S CHAPTER 15… Continue reading »

Release #190: Drug-On Chapter 14

Hello, hello! We’re back from the… wherever. We weren’t really dead. Not yet. In any case, here’s Drug-On Chapter 14!… Continue reading »

Release #188: Merry Xmas!!!

Here’s one volume of Kamata Kimiko for you precious people! One whole volume of AYAKASHI KOI KITAN!   This is… Continue reading »

Release #187: LD16

*Appears* Hey, look, it’s Lucky Dog 16!!! *fangirls arrive* *disappears* P.S. We are looking for translators and editors. PLZ. [email protected]Continue reading »

Release #186: LD15

Yay! Here’s LD15! Sorry about the absence. But hey, at least we have it now. This is such a crazy… Continue reading »

Release #185: Aidoneus

Yaaay! Antimagia Chapter 9! One more chapter to go and this chapter will be finished! FINISHED, I TELLS YOU! Antimagia… Continue reading »

Release #184: The Demon Sword

Man, here I thought Sangoku Rensenki had the most annoying redraws and cloning — Katana actually takes the freaking icing… Continue reading »

Release #183: Lucky Dog 14

Aaaand here’s another chapter of Lucky Dog to all of you special folks! Wheee! Today’s update is pretty long and… Continue reading »