Release #182: Sangoku Rensenki Whoo Whee!

Holy Crap Cheeseballs. This manga’s redraws took FOREVER. While I enjoy this manga a lot, the edits can be really pain-staking and time-consuming. Thanks for all the patience, guys. I appreciate that not all of you have given up on this manga!

Also, I’m sorry if you were looking for a page of this. I actually haven’t done it yet. Yes, you have the permission to shoot me for being such a bad admin :(

We’re still looking for translators for Tactics Ogre (the translator who applied for this went MIA… rawr), Tetsuichi, Ryuu, and a lot others. x_x HALP!! [email protected]

Sangoku Rensenki Chapter 2
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Also: On Sunday, Iskultrip will undergo a maintenance check, so you won’t be able to access the site for a few hours. Just saying. So, don’t panic if you don’t see the site! And also, if you need to download stuff, download them now! :D

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6 comments on “Release #182: Sangoku Rensenki Whoo Whee!

  1. poohsbestfriend on said:

    thanks for not giving up on this despite the horrid redraws! this series has promise; looking forward to the next chapter =D

  2. notsoclever_eh on said:

    Thanks for the release! This series is great :D

  3. Skittish on said:

    Thank you for the update!^^
    I’ve been waiting for the next chapter for a long time.

  4. Akina on said:

    Thanks a lot for the last Sangoku Rensenki chapter! I love this manga. Will you also continue to scanlate it in the future? :3

  5. Sunny on said:

    Thank you!!! Really like this manga! :D Thank you a lot for updating it (even though the redraws were hard and horrible)
    Thank you ever so much for updating this!! It has been over half a year since anybody translated this manga!! :( Thank you ever ever ever so much!!!!

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