Release #183: Lucky Dog 14

Aaaand here’s another chapter of Lucky Dog to all of you special folks! Wheee! Today’s update is pretty long and interesting, with a rather melancholic ending. You’ll see what I mean when you read and get there. We only have one chapter left in the 3rd volume and that’s coming soon!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to buy any new volumes right now. As y’all know, I just graduated from uni and am looking for a job, but it has been fruitless at the moment. If any of you could donate a buck or two, that would be greatly appreciated. Then we’ll get the rest of Volume 4 faster! If none donate, that’s fine, too. That’s not a requirement at all. It will take some time for me to buy it, though.

As usual, we’re looking for help. [email protected] is the email address for all of you interested people!

Lucky Dog Chapter 14: Fragileness
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19 comments on “Release #183: Lucky Dog 14

  1. quinario on said:

    Yay thanks so much for the new chapter of LD1! <3

  2. Owww, so sad!

    thanks for the chapter :)

  3. Saffire on said:

    Thanks for the quick update!

  4. Bali on said:

    Thank you so much for new chapter! Now i want even more that befor know what hapeen next:D And still wait for Antimegia – hope y relised soon.

  5. kiruasama on said:

    Thank you for this chapter, I hope you’ll find a job ;)

  6. Alex M. on said:

    Oh my God, you guys are THE. BEST.
    Thank you so much for this chapter!! I appreciate your hard work~ :D
    Looking forward to your future scanlations, guys~ :3
    I love you, iskultrip‚ô•!!

  7. Princess on said:

    Thanks for quick update :) ! Greatly appreciated :) . I loved this chapter and cant wait for the next one :) ! Bye~ Keep up the good work .

  8. A Giulio’s fan here just made a donation ;) keep up the awesome work!

  9. tokkei12 on said:

    Thank you so much for the new Lucky Dog chapter, and good luck in finding a job (I feel your pain T.T)!

  10. sdfg on said:

    thanks for the release and congrats for graduating! ^^

  11. Gaby on said:

    Thanks a lot and good luck with finding a job!

  12. Thank you very much for your hard work! It’s greatly appreciated.

    Some questions:
    1. Including shipping, how much would it cost to get volume 4?
    2. Where do you get your LD1 volumes? I got mine via yesasia, but I don’t think they have 4 yet.

    • EnigmaEnigma on said:

      We’ll be getting it Here. It would cost us 14$ at least, including the shipping. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much. :(

      • DON’T WORRY PEOPLE!! I’ve bought volume #4 from another site, cost me more, well, it was a pre-order from a seller in Japan that can get me what I cannot buy on ’cause I live in South America so his service costs and the shipping fees are killing ones but it’s definitely worth every dollar… according to the tracking number of the package it arrived on the 15th but the local postal service is “processing the package to be delivered” (again, I’m in South America, customs and postal service sucks big time here!!!). The second I receive it (in 2 more days aprox) I’ll start scanning the pages of the whole volume and send them to you guys!! YAY!!

        • Enigmaa on said:

          Hi, Di, thanks for the comment and generosity. But there’s no need to do it as we plan to buy the volume anyway, since there’s a particular way I scan, otherwise, it would kind of ruin the way I edit. Thanks anyway! :)

  13. mercro on said:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Back to reality :(

  14. Noir Schist on said:

    Welp, my heart ;__;

    Thanks so much for the release, guys!

  15. Student on said:

    Omg, this chapter! I was behind due to school, but catching up was great! Giulio man, I like that crazy guy more and more. Especially his scene with Gian. *.* I wished that scene was colored. His eyes would’ve looked beautiful. Plus, I kinda have my own theory pertaining to his attachment to Gian. Oh the anticipation on character development!

    Congrats on graduating! I have a year left.

    Thank you for your work!! :D

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