Release #193: OMFGKATANA

Finally, a Katana chapter… trust me, guys, I’m as happy as you all are that a chapter is seeing the light of day…

In any case, as much as we would like to continue this, WE DO NEED HELP! We’re absolutely yearning for people who can translate Katana for us. Come on, dudes and dudettes. It has swords. And sexy sword spirits. AND FURIGANA! It can’t be that hard…? *ahem*

Seriously. Translators. Give us that and I promise to speed this project up. Hehehe.

EMAIL ME HERE: [email protected]

Katana v04 Ch15:

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8 comments on “Release #193: OMFGKATANA

  1. OMFG thank you so much!! You guys are awesome!

  2. Omochi on said:

    Holy cheese! I’m so ridiculously excited I feel like I about to puke a rainbow. Thanks so much you guys. You just made my week!

    • berubetto on said:

      This. This is the best comment here. This is the best comment ever.

      Between this and the furigana mention in the post, I…I can’t *promise* anything as I am severely ill to the point I can’t be reliable about anything and working even a little could put me in the hospital, BUT I am able to do very small projects to keep my sanity and skills up, as long as there is absolutely no pressure, even from myself. (I prepare myself for all best possible futures, even if the chance of working is remote after 15 years of this.) Also, I pass out a lot, so sometimes I don’t ever finish them if the browser crashes, but that shouldn’t affect something I’m doing offline.

      I’ll see if I can translate the next chapter BUT you must A. keep looking for a permanent translator and B. treat any finished translation from me as a one-shot Holy Cheese Rainbow miracle.

      Iskultrip, you will be getting an email from a cell phone. That is from me. I already have the Japanese versions up to v. 7, because I love this series so much. And if someone else comes along, maybe I can help by typing up the script in Japanese. Someone else doing that for me would also be helpful.

      Hmmm… Maybe post asking if someone could type up the Japanese without the furigana? In text form, I could run it through a machine translator and then check that translation word-by-word & phrase-by-phrase, which has been faster for me in the past. I’ll need a Japanese script anyway, so I can post it with my translation to have someone double-check the final version at MangaHelpers or some such place.

      My friends with Lupus & the like are all horrified by how sick *I* am with so please really, really, realize a decent translation is going to be difficult compared to typing stuff off the top of my head like this. And even this, like *anything* a Still’s patient does while symptoms are flared up (and I live in perpetual flare-up) nudges up the level of fever, pain, nausea, exhaustion, passing out (in my case), &c.

      But I always look for what I can do, however small. And when things are at their worst, manga can draw me away from my body like nothing else except for novels, and the dense text of novels hurts my head to read at that point. So I have great affection for all forms of manga, and make sure my library buys what I can’t. And I have great affection for fan scanlations, and buy more licensed works because of them. So, I’m very happy to *try*. Thanks for reading this far! :)

      • Truly sorry to hear about your illness. I do hope you are in the pink of your health soon. Also, thank you very much for your persistent efforts. They are much appreciated! (^_^)/

  3. Anonman on said:

    Thank you =3

  4. orquidea_negra1 on said:

    Thank you so much.

  5. omg! Hoorayy for more katana!!
    thank you so much!!
    i hope that there will be someone apply to be translator ;u;

  6. I can’t remember the time I been so happy reading a chapter. Thank you for this joyous even! Worst case I be your translator in 10 years since I got learn Japanese first.

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