Lucky Dog #198: Lucky Dog 1 Blast YAY

Lucky Dog 1 Blast Chapter 17 is finally here! Yahoo! We’re finally back on track with this series.

If things go well, we’d finish Volume 4 early next year. Unfortunately, I don’t have funds to buy the succeeding volumes. If you’re willing to donate to us to be able to buy them that would be really great.

We need Japanese translators!! Email us [email protected]

Lucky Dog 1 Blast Ch17: Scar Tattoo

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13 comments on “Lucky Dog #198: Lucky Dog 1 Blast YAY

  1. Thank you!! <3 Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Glad to hear you’re working on this manga again! If you end up not able to afford them you can probably find scans of volumes 5 & 6 online. Though supporting the author is always best.

    • We’d really rather buy them than using online scans. We’ve used our own scans at this point and I don’t really want to change that now!

  3. Thank you for working on Lucky Dog 1 Blast! And thank you for the release <3

  4. Thank you!! Happy new year!

  5. CptnSuz on said:

    Yea! Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for the release and your hard work!(:

  7. tokkei12 on said:

    Yay, thanks for the chapter, and Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!

  9. orquidea_negra1 on said:

    Thank you so much.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Thank you sooooo much for this release!! <3 I missed getting new chapters on this manga and I hope to see some more!! *goes off to donate*

  11. Thank you so much for the release I wish you keep translate them.
    I’ll try to donate if I could just please update when you can ><…

  12. oh my god, thank you so so much. This is one of my favorite manga ever! ! Just wondering, how much does a volume cost?

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