Release #200: Baku Makes a Comeback!

Yay, here’s Baku chapter 9 for y’all. Sorry it took me some time! But hey, it should be consistent from here on out.

Katana Ch17 / Baku c10 next.

We’d love translators and french raw scanners pl0x! Donations would be awesome, too.

Baku 9: Kisenos (Part 2)


6 comments on “Release #200: Baku Makes a Comeback!

  1. Thanks a lot for this chapter! :D

  2. inconnu on said:

    Thank you for this release.

  3. Bludflag on said:

    This may seem prick-ish, but I posted a correction of Clymenus` name in Antimagia in the chat and at chapter 9, page 33 you wrote his name as Clymenus and then as Clymnenus.It might be a minor typo,a hassle to get to you guys,but this is still one of my favorite(proven by the fact that I started reading somewhere when it had 2~3 chapters and I still finished it since I usually drop manga left and right).Again, sorry for being annoying on a different project(thought it likely that you would notice it at your newest release).

  4. Kinoin on said:

    Uummm… Not to be rude or anything but… How often is “consistent”? Is it once a month? once every second month? Or perhaps once every third month? (I’m a bit new to this so I don’t know how long it takes to finish preparing a manga chapter)

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