Release #201: Katana again

Aaaand here’s Katana chapter 17! Sorry for the delay.

Donations welcome! Translators even welcome-er! For more Kamata Kimiko stuff wooot! Errr… yeah.

[email protected] <- for interested applicants

Katana Chapter 17: Seven Branched Sword
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Yup. Next would either be Lucky Dog, Baku, Chunchu, Shiawase Restaurant, Wakusei Drops, or Uwasaya… maybe. <3

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5 comments on “Release #201: Katana again

  1. dfgh on said:

    thanks a loooot! \o/

  2. elena0ena on said:

    Thank you so much~ i’ll patiently wait for more ^0^

  3. laclongquan on said:

    Holy Bovine! It’s been a long time~

  4. HappiPanda on said:

    Yay Katana!!! Thanks for the release!!!

  5. I really love this manga, thanks.

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