Release #207-208: Lucky Dog 1 Blast + Amnesia: Cradle

So, our scanner broke down… if anyone could help us with that, that would be GREAT. =D Donations are down below, if you’re willing to spare some money to help us out a bit!

Today’s release is LUCKY DOG (finally, yea???) and a new series called Boukyaku no Cradle. No worries with this one – we all have five volumes and a translator, we just need a scanner.

Lucky Dog ch20: READ | DOWNLOAD
Amnesia: Cradle ch01 READ | DOWNLOAD

Thanks, y’all. Any questions, inquiries, complaints, send them to [email protected]

5 comments on “Release #207-208: Lucky Dog 1 Blast + Amnesia: Cradle

  1. iglooS on said:

    Oh, wow, Lucky Dog and something that’s been on my wish list for ages, Boukyaku no Cradle? Cool~ Thanks very much!

  2. Thank you for lucky dog!!!!! <3

  3. thanks so much for lucky dog!!

  4. Thank you for lucky dog!

  5. Sorry for the late comment. I have a working scanner and have scanned for Entropy, Vendetta and ikemen, to name a few. Drop me a line and we can talk.

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