About and FAQ


1.) Where did the name “Iskultrip” come from?
Iskultrip is derived from “High School Trip”, which is commonly used by the Filipinos, and shortened it to I-skul-trip.
2.) Your name sucks, can you change it?
No. In fact, a lot of people think it’s unique.
3.) When’s the next release?
Who knows? I sure don’t. When it’s finished, I guess
4.) Can you do this manga?
Sure, if you have the scans (not public raws, please) and are willing to scan it for us. If not, at least give us the ISBN or the link to buy the manga.
5.) Can we host your releases?
Yes, you can, provided you will not alter the release in any way, such as putting in and out pages and renaming. You must also link back. Releases can be hosted only after 3 days have passed from the original release date. We no longer have a waiting period. When a series is licensed, please cease distribution.
6.) Can we joint with you guys?
Unfortunately, due to the abundance of bad groups and of course, our bad experiences with joints, we will no longer accept joints unless we are friends with the admin. Please do not ask us for joints, most likely, we will refuse.
7.) Can we translate your mangas to another language?
Yes, but please notify us first here: [email protected]. Please include the manga you want to rescanlate, into what language, your group, and the URL of your group.
8.) There’s a broken link…
Please contact [email protected] for broken links.
9.) I wanna help!
We always welcome new recruits. Please email [email protected] for more details. For translators, we would need J-E ones for the moment, and for editors + proofreaders, we would need experienced ones.
10.) Do you guys scanlate license mangas?
11.) Are you guys Filipinos? Because of the name…
Not all, but we were found by Filipinos, Enigma and Enix. Later on we’re joined by people from all over the world – Australians, Malaysians, Singaporeans, Americans, Canadians, etc.
12.) I want to donate, but what are you going to do with our money?!
We will use the money to help with server costs and to buy more raws. We will never use your money for other means. You’re not required to donate, but it will thoroughly help us!

Iskultrip Scans was established by Enigma on December 2007, and made its first release on January 18, 2008 with the help of two translators, alexoftheazuresky and Mai. The group was slow and understaffed in the first few months, until a few people came along and helped them immensely. We became inactive for a while, but we decided to continue once more to make the scanlation world a better place. :)

8 comments on “About and FAQ

  1. “Iskultrip” sounds like “is cool trip” to me, and I thought that was your name because that’s what you give us with your hard work: manga that is a cool trip!

  2. Im so amazed! Pinoys doing translations and scans :) Good Job!

  3. Sashi on said:

    my intuition was correct all along, there’s a Filipino hint in that name…^^

    good job guys…^^

  4. Banana Bread on said:

    Hello fellow Pinoys! ^^

  5. Torrent on said:

    What happened to 7th Dragon? It says that you translated it, but you never went past the second chapter, and it doesn’t seem to be on your site either. Is that just a mistake by Baka-Updates?

  6. Stoic Prone on said:

    Not meaning to be rude and I do know how much time and effort that goes into scannlations but is it possible to know where you guys went? You just kinda left us all hanging for months now. Have you guys closed up shop? Y’know, just dont feel like it anymore? Like its okay no one is forcing you to do this be we do appreciate it when you do so then we can enjoy the stuff too. I’m mainly here for Lucky Dog 1 is it the book that has been paused like sorry I have no idea but some sort of update would be nice.

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