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11 comments on “Join us

  1. i can read hiragana and I know a few words, and am learning more. Would I be able to help?

  2. Rozenbane on said:

    Would you be able to provide a sample RAW of a manga page? I’m proficient in Japanese but I can’t say I’ve tried scanlating/translating manga before so just to gain an idea before I send an email inquiring about the position. Thank you! =]

  3. questingwolf on said:

    Awww! no more proofreaders? :( Well if ya ever need one please let me do it!

  4. Fueru on said:

    I can read Japanese quite well but can you please send me some sample of the RAW manga since I have never tried translating manga before so I might get the idea before I send an e-mail inquiring position. Thank you^^

  5. Michelle on said:

    What about cleaners? i would like to offer my services as a cleaner… am i needed? :)

  6. I’ll help out with redraws if needed. Clean if it’s REALLY needed, but it’s quite boring so I try to avoid it. I won’t TS, too boring to handle.

  7. Hello, will there be a test for applying as translator? Thank you.

  8. daemonkisuke29 on said:

    Hello! I want to help as a cleaner for lucky dog. Though I don’t I have experience :-)

  9. Kenny Lowe on said:

    I am very interested in helping you as a translator. Could you give me an idea of how complicated the translating is before I sign up?
    Thank you,

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