So this is our small team. If you want to make this list longer (*hint* *hint*) email us at [email protected] !

Enigma – Administrator, Editor, Scanner, Quality-Checker
Main projects: Everything.

Kureha - J-E Translator, Proofreader, Quality-Checker, Scanner
Main projects: Telepathy Shoujo RAN, #00000 – Ultra Black -, Strobo, Hitosaki no Hana, LOST, Dream Eater, Shoujo oneshots

Hiyuki – J-E Translator, Scanner
Main projects: B.A.D, Makai Ishi Mephisto, Ascension, GG, everything Altima Ace

Ereina – J-E Translator, Scanner
Main projects: Lucky Dog 1 Blast, Ryuu wa Tasogare no Yume o Miru, Uwasaya

Yuki – J-E Translator
Main projects: Katana



4 comments on “Staff

  1. Lacaille on said:

    Hello! I am Lacaille from and I was looking for your contact form or email but I couldn’t find it so I just thought to send you a comment here. :) Can anyone direct me to the staff email or the email of the person/s in charge to contact for a possible joint on a project? Thank you! ^_^

  2. MikiTo on said:

    Good evening. Firstly, I want to thank you for your work. It’s really great to go and see a new chapter on your website) As for me, I am from Russian translation team Vesperum. Our team wants to cooperate with yout in Sangoku Koi Senki project. If you need a cleaner for this, our team can do it. Instead we would like to use your translation from Japanese to have our translation into Russian. We’ll wait till your answer. Hope for your agreement.

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